Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Studio Clean Up Day!

I love having a room mostly all to myself (have to share the computer area with the family). I can let it get sooooo incredibly cluttered.

But there comes a moment when I walk in to start working on a custom painted model horse or a sewing project and say "Enough of the mess!" I think we're at that point right now! I am starting to sneeze from all the dust, supplies are scattered everywhere. An unproductive studio at best.

Are you a crafter that lets her/his studio become a disaster area? Or do you keep things tidy at all times?

Today is clean up day here. Quite a few UFO's in the to finish box. That is my reward for cleaning up - grabbing a UFO and getting it done!

Cheers to the messy studios and Kudo's to the well organized studios... someday.....