Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Etsy Shop Is Filling Up And The House is Getting Messier!

I've been spending so much time creating new items for the Etsy shop, the house is beginning to look a little cluttered!

There are now 32 items in my shop! The fullest it's ever been! I have also been working on the SEO and tweaking titles and tags.

For the longest time, I was having trouble keeping the number above 20. Which could be a good thing.

Once I get the house back into reasonable order, I will begin working on making things to replace those items that have sold.

A fellow Etsy Seller shared a screenshot of her shop and I thought well why hadn't I thought of that? I created a few and made some changes to one to show the shop banner and a three column list. It was a lot of fun working with that. I will also try some screenshots of various sections in my shop.