Thursday, June 02, 2011

Raccoon Counted Cross-stitch Progress

I finally got a color copy of the raccoon pattern. I am not quite as happy with it now. The back feet are nowhere to be seen. And for some reason that is going to bother me to no end.
But, I will keep plugging along with this one. Progress has been pretty good. I had to re-do the ears area, I skipped a row and refused to fudge that little goof, especially since it is the raccoon's head.

I need a brighter bulb in the table lamp to work with the lighter colors so for now I am going to work on the tree trunk. Or sit on the deck, hoping for a break in the wind.

This is a neat raccoon pattern I would like to try when I get a little better at working cross stitch.
Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch, Two Racoon Cubs