Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hat Creek Market Online Craft Mall is now officially open - FREE advertising

The Hat Creek Market Online Craft Mall!
Last minute tweaks and I think we are finally up and running.

There are still a few behind the scene tweaks to finish up and I still can't seem to get the banner rotation to work.

I will be taking FREE ads through the weekend. Simply send in a limit of 2 ads including your website URL, banner/image URL and which ads you want to

I don't have a shop directory page set up yet, but you can submit your shop and I will add it ASAP! More pages and goodies will be added regularly.

Please promote the free advertising to other crafters who may be interested in helping getting this launched. Just direct them to the site and have them e-mail me with the weekend free ad offer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Online Craft Mall nearing Launch!!!

I am so excited to be quickly approaching the completion of the set up of the site! The main pages are complete and we are set up and ready to accept ads. Sometime this weekend I will post a discount.
      I just need to get this blog going, work on the directory listing then set up the shopping mall page. I will gladly accept any FREE submissions for the shopping mall through the weekend until Monday July 26th.

     Just send one image of an item, a brief description, price and a link to your site.

     Launch of the site will be later tonight, once I get all the pages loaded and looking decent. Will post upon launch! Gotta rest my eyes and neck for a few then back to work. 
     Please join me on this journey. I look forward to the challenge and anticipate a lot of fun with this site! I decided to go with a cute little web set for this one. I can change things around later down the road.

Thank you!