Saturday, March 05, 2011

I can see....almost!

This has been a rough week for me!
Tues night, while frying eggs, the oil splattered (I swear this has never ever happened and I still don't believe it did!) and some got in my eyes. Rushed to ER, treated with a solution, sent home.
Trying to do anything is agravating. I could barely see. It is slowly improving, but vision is still blurry.
Believe it or not, my eyes don't BURN nearly as much as I was afraid they would.
So Sweet Sandi arrived yesterday. She is darling! I cowboyed up enough to finish a dress for her and got one photo.

I'm taking the weekend OFF - no sewing, no knitting, limited computer (uh huh!).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two new dolls coming to live with us!

I really thought I was going to get in trouble for "investing" in a doll (2 actually). But hubby was pretty cool about it.
I showed him pictures of the two dolls, one was an auction win, and a couple of clothes patterns I downloaded, cringing all the while wondering how unhappy he'd be.
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.... all he said was, "Well, it looks like you've been pretty busy. When are you going to finish that skinny doll and the bear?"
I've been struggling over what types of dolls to collect and stressing over some of the prices. I want to sew clothes for Every Kind of Doll out there, but realize that is a long term goal. Today I made the decision to simply add the Baby Face Dolls to cloth dolls and Barbies and call it a good start. DeeDee and Sandi will be coming home sometime next week. I will be making some welcome home outfits. They are going to be walk alike and talk alike twins for now.
Was this investment business/work related? Sure, why not?
Tomorrow seriously, the bear will be finished and I will be working out the details for his GIVEAWAY!!!! Stay tuned!!! He is turning out so cute!