Thursday, August 02, 2012

Soft Sculpture Cloth Cat - Calico

Miss Nosey is finished!
She is a soft sculpture cloth cat made of muslin and hand painted with white, black and orange acrylic paint. And threaded button joints. Her eyes are green. I see her expression is a bit sour. Maybe she ate a mouse that tasted icky!
She is a kitty created from a pattern shared a challenge at Cloth Doll Artistry. We were given the pattern with no pictures or instructions.
The kitties that others have made are increbible. I loved seeing the variations created.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hand crocheted Barbie Bed Doll French Bedoir

Completed another Barbie bed doll gown. This one is a french Bedoir nightgown and robe. The repetitive stitch on the robe just about did my left wrist in. I've developed a lump just below my thumb. Wearing a wrist brace is helping immensely.
April, a wonderful lady who is keeping me very busy with crocheting Barbie gowns, received the gown and is pleased with the results. Next on the list is "Ruby Queen". Having a hard time finding the beads needed.