Thursday, April 04, 2013

Stuffy nose season

Oh, the misery of allergies!

I only suffer through this time of year. Mid March through the end of April mostly. When the juniper trees start doing their thing. We enjoy calling them the poofing trees. I had one teacher down at the school tell me that I am suffering from poofing tree syndrome.

I looked at her with raised eyebrows. Poofy trees, you say? Yes indeed. So naturally curiosity got the better of me. One nice April morning in 2004, I set my lawn chair in the yard near a juniper. Not too close, but close enough to be able to see these so called "poofs".

Lo and behold. A small breeze picked up. Then a small gust and magic happens! Those silly trees really do poof. A cloud of white appears off the branches! And every year in early Spring, my eyes swell up and the beezer stuffs up and I try claritin (or the generic) assisted by benadryl to combat the symptoms.

I'll try to find a photo with a juniper somewhere that I can crop and add to the post.

I had so much fun making a video yesterday, that I thought about doing a real time audio video about granny squares for YouTube. 51,000+ views and so many complaining that I need to do this real time. Well, not right now with my nose so stuffed.

Not even going to go out and work on the garden. Instead I plan to do some sewing.

I did a tight fitting gown for Barbie, but it ended up a tad too tight fitting. So I think I will give it another go with a bit more fabric. I suspect the zigzag stitch I did took up more of the seam allowance than I thought it would. I might try putting some no sew on the edges. Or do the zigzagging afterwards.