Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handknit Grey and blue baby pullover

This cute little boys' knit pullover was a custom order in grey and blue to fit a 6 mo old. As usual, I think I made it a wee oversized, but that's ok, the lil tike can grow into it over the coming winter!
I hadn't thought about using non-traditional baby blue, pink and mint green colors. My husband even commented on how nice this pullover looks, and that is a major compliment in itself! He suggested I try making a couple more for the ArtFire Studio.
It was made using Caron Simply Soft in Heather Grey and Navy Blue. I love how the finished garment drapes. Soft and comfy.
Putting the finishing touches on a green sweater size NB-3mo. Again a non-traditional color of Caron Simply Soft, but the effect is so charming.
Scalped myself yesterday. Trying to clean a covered chicken run with a low ceiling. I got distracted and scraped the top of my head. Only one serious scrape, but, shoot did I carry on so!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Promote your Handcraft Shop - An Advertising Bargain

Inspirational Bible VersesImage by Isolino via FlickrMy ArtFire Studio, HollysDollies, is featured in "Shop of the Week" at christieCottage blog for the week of August 14-21.

The Sales Fairy has already visited! Through the link to my shop, someone visited the link to my blog and purchased an item.

ChristieCottage is a fantastic blog host, the owner really knows how to promote her site and other crafters products. She works hard at getting the word out there, as well as The Lord's Word.

I highly recommend that you advertise as Shop of the Week at ChristieCottage. It truly is worth the small investment. Advertising dollars well spent!

Make it a productive week. Create your to do list and give it to God. He'll take it from there.
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