Saturday, April 02, 2011

"B" as in bobcat

So this doesn't really tie in very well with crafts in general, but we had be very "crafty" in keeping this dratted bobcat away from the chickens!
This particular bobcat lives in a brushpile of dead juniper cutting on the easement between us and our neighbors. I am actually pleased to have wildlife in the neighborhood. We've decided to leave the critter be and work hard to keep the chickens safe.
One night he/she managed to kill 7 (I forgot to lock the henhouse door).
Bobcats can be found in most of the US, excluding parts of the midwest and have also been found in parts of Mexico and Canada.

photo courtesy Len Blumin

Friday, April 01, 2011

A is For Acrylic Paint

One of the materials I use when crafting (painting a model horse or painting eyes on cloth dolls), is acrylic paints. The brand I use varies.
For the model horses I use Liquitex Brand in concentrated form. The closest retailer for me is 180 miles away! I buy the big tubes in basic colors to last a year or so.

See more model horses at Sweetwater Creations.

For painting dolls, I use the inexpensive big box store brands. I always make sure the brands I use are non-toxic waterbased.

Visit Holly's Dollies to view handmade dolls and doll clothes that are available.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've signed up for a great A-Z Blog Challenge

With April 1st looming near, I am beginning to feel butterflies in my tummy! My initial thoughts on this challenge was to only post craft topics, being as this is mainly a craft blog (recently overtaken by dollies) and I think I may still aim for mostly craft related items.
If you haven't joined this wonderful challenge (over 800 as of today have signed up!), you really should. It is all about fun and blogging and making new friends. Check it out and I do hope to see some familiar faces.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Handmade Doll Easter Bunny

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshineWelcome to another Shop Hop Saturday post! At Shop Hop Saturday we share our business related blog posts for the week. And help others who have shared their posts by following their blogs, commenting and sharing the ups and downs of online business.

This week's challenge is to promote one product I sell and try to encourage others to purchase the item. I have chosen my very first original doll. I drew up the design myself. I always use other peoples patterns for my dolls, so this has been a big milestone for me to create my own item. 


This adorable little bunny stands 12” high. 

Her ears and facial features are hand painted. Her body has been lightly stained with a coffee/vanilla/cinnamon mixture. Her dress and bloomers are removable so that she can be dressed for different holidays and occasions.  Her bow can be easily removed.


This bunny is a one of a kind doll made by me, Holly Gordon, of Holly’s Dollies. As she is the prototype doll for this line, she will be highly collectible. 
Polly is dressed in a yellow Easter Print dress, matching bow and white bloomers. The dress, bloomers and bow were not stained. She would be a great addition to your home as an Easter or Prim decoration. I will be offering a line of dresses and outfits for various holidays and seasons for this doll. Watch for her sweetie, Peter, coming down the Bunny Trail.

Polly is currently available at my Etsy Shoppe. Please stop by and show her some love. She told me this morning she is lonely, so I will be creating some sisters and brothers for her. Of course, each will be different in it's own way, from staining to facial features.

All dolls are signed by me, Holly's Dollies, and dated with month/year created.
Note: This doll is not meant for a play doll for children. It is only as a decoration piece for adults to love and cuddle and display in their collections.

I Won! I Won!

This is the very first giveaway I have ever won! Seriously.
I won a really darling dress, petticoat and bloomers set for a 20-23" prim raggedy doll!
Danice creates such wonderful clothing items (for humans and dolls) and I am very very happy to get to add this to my collection!
Thank you, Danice, for putting on this giveaway! I hope everyone had fun!
Dolly Hugs,