Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Etsy Shop Is Filling Up And The House is Getting Messier!

I've been spending so much time creating new items for the Etsy shop, the house is beginning to look a little cluttered!

There are now 32 items in my shop! The fullest it's ever been! I have also been working on the SEO and tweaking titles and tags.

For the longest time, I was having trouble keeping the number above 20. Which could be a good thing.

Once I get the house back into reasonable order, I will begin working on making things to replace those items that have sold.

A fellow Etsy Seller shared a screenshot of her shop and I thought well why hadn't I thought of that? I created a few and made some changes to one to show the shop banner and a three column list. It was a lot of fun working with that. I will also try some screenshots of various sections in my shop.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Crochet Pumpkin Hats

Tis the season for Pumpkins, ghosts and black cats!

I have always loved Halloween. For me there are no evil connotations. I am all about fun. Cute kiddos in darling costumes. 

Unfortunately, we live in a rural area, so we do not receive Trick or Treaters. The fun I had making my son's costumes every year and taking around neighborhoods in the Phoenix area. Those days are long gone.

Now I concentrate on creating fun items for little ones and adults alike! The past month or so, I had been crocheting ghostie earflap hats and black cat and pumpkin hats.

The finished hats are in my Etsy Shop -
The newborn to three months size is available here.
And the adult 21" size is here.

The pumpkin hats have been very popular. They're fairly easy to crochet. Here a link to the free pattern via FaveCrafts

I thought the newborn looked a little small, so in my hats I increased the number of stitches per row and did 25 rows. For adult hats, I started with 31 chains and 29 hdc per row and 40 rows. I also chose to do two additional rows of green at the top.

I have several sized listed in my Etsy shop. I have plans to try editing the listings, once Halloween is over, to reflect that these would be something fun to wear throughout the Fall season. Until I have an idea of whether they'll remain popular, I will likely discontinue crocheting the pumpkin hats after Hallowing.

This will be our first year of owning a black cat! Friday the 13th went very well. Slick does have about 15 white hairs on his chest and two long white strands of hair in each ear. So far, he hasn't been too much bad luck! Chewed wires on the pellet stove, which we were able to repair without too much trouble...

Monday, May 12, 2014

I Had To Give Up On The Bridal Gown

I am one who does not like to give up on a project. Once I start something, I will rarely throw in the towel. This Barbie Bridal gown has given me so much grief! And all the medical issues (stress) got the best of me.

 I began stringing the 1,200+ beads onto the crochet thread. I can't see them clearly enough and my fingers aren't as nimble with these things anymore. Reading glassed helped a little, but there was no hope for the fingers becoming more agile!

So, I finally contacted the customer and told her I simply couldn't continue on this project. No money was exchanged, so I don't need to refund anything.

The gown, the beads and supplies will be packed safely away, where I can possibly try to get back after it and someday surprise my friend (yes she is a repeat customer who has become like a friend) with the gown of her dreams.

I beat myself up over not being able to continue. She understands, but I can tell she was very disappointed.