Friday, July 27, 2012

DinkyBaby Chloe makeover

Baby Chloe has been given a makeover. Her eyes are now hand painted using non toxic acrylic paints. And her new outfit includes hand sewn top and diaper and hand knitted hat and booties. I love her new facial expression. The change in eyes from the embroidered dots has been a dramatic improvement. I've been frightened and intimidated in thinking about making changes in completed dolls. But I am wanting to learn and improve with each new doll and am now brave enough to play with finished dolls to work on improving them as well. Here is a before pic of Chloe and a couple afters.... let me know what you think.

Next is learning to use buttons for jointing arms and legs.

Monday, July 23, 2012

8 Inch Berenguer Lots to Love chubby babies

These are such adorable baby dolls. I have so fallen in love with all the faces and all the sizes!
I started with the 8 inch smiling baby. His/her smile is so similar to a picture of "The Painter Boy" photo I have of my son at 3 months old.
I love knitting and crocheting outfits for this baby. I am not really happy with him having to pose with both gender of clothing, so I will simply need to get another one to be a girlie model.
I just purchased a 5 inch Itty Bitty pouty face baby. I have an outfit already crocheted for her. So tiny and cute! I can't wait till she arrives.
In the meantime, I have a new set finished for Little Charlie. A sweater, hat, pants and booties. Done in soft baby blue acrylic yarn and a beautiful cable/waffle stitch pattern.
8 Inch Berenguer Lots to Love sweater set 

I would love to trade this set for a 8 inch Lots to Love baby, would even consider the one with large eyes. Those are really cute!