Thursday, December 30, 2010

Loom knitted slipper socks - Off the loom and GONE!

Sheesh! I didn't even have time to get pics of them!
Finished a pair of blue and orange slipper socks for DH as a Christmas/BD present.
Then finished a pair of red and white (as per ordered) for DS. Those a bit large on him, but he luffs em anywho.
Hoping I can swipe them for just a few minutes to get pictures! Mine took 3 days to make but these two pairs each only took one day.
The pattern is found at: YarnGear Loom knitted socks

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Knit Scarf!

I taught myself to knit about 4 years ago. Always one for challenge, I started off with baby sweaters and hats and mittens. Never a scarf. I felt like a simple scarf would be too boring and not hold my interest or the pattern would be so involved that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on it.
I found a drop stitch pattern that was simple enough but not boring but not too complicated! PERFECT!
I am so happy with it! I used Lion Brand Homespun Acrylic/Polyester Bulky in the "Lagoon" colorway.
The scarf is currently available at my Etsy Shoppe. Can arrive by Christmas if purchased by Dec. 21.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crocheted Doll Top and Pedal Pushers

This outfit was made using an adorable pattern by Darsky.
I used worsted weight acrylic yarns in yellow and teal.
The top has velcro closures and a yarn ribbon bow tie at waist; the pedal pushers (or capri's or clam diggers) have an elastic waistband.
This set will fit the Madame Alexander 18" slim bodied dolls. It is a bit tight on AG dolls. The top would fit well, but the clam diggers would be too small. I will adapt the pedal pushers to fit AG as well make several pair as shorts, pants and bell bottoms.
This is featured and available on my website on the doll clothes page. Click image to see a larger version. Custom colors are always welcome!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Handmade Jacket for American Girl Doll

New jacket for 18” dolls like American Girl, Madam Alexander Mia Bella and Tonner dolls.

Short jacket in a sparkly pink swirly print cotton fabric. I fell in love with this fabric. The sparklies were getting all over everything until I washed it twice prior to cutting and sewing. 

There are no closures to pose choking hazards.

For the next one, I plan to lengthen the bottom just a touch.   

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hand Crocheted Thread Bear "Cowardly Lion"

This cute little fella is ready for a new home. He is hand crocheted using yellow crochet thread size 10 for his "costume" and dark brown thread for his head. The Mane Hood is removable. His eyes are seed beads and his nose and mouth are embroidered.
See complete details in his listing at my Etsy Shoppe. Price Reduced.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Primitive Doll Crow

Pictures at last!
I don't think I have ever had so much trouble making a doll. My goal for this gal was to use only "on hand" supplies.
I repainted the "lazy eye" and it looks a lot better. I love her green eyes.
No lace trim so I had to hand crochet a lace edging.
This was a pattern for a draft dodger doll. I changed things around a little bit. Her hands aren't sewn together and her dress and pinafore are adapted so that she can be dressed seasonally.
I would really love to offer her and 4 dress/pinafore/bloomer sets as a complete set. Would that be of some interest? Maybe offer the clothing separately? Your comments and ideas are welcome!!!! Let me know! She is available at my website.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Twenty-One years later.....began a quilt project!

Do I really need to start yet another hobby? Quilting has been calling to me for quite some time. All these beautiful little scraps gathering around, crying, "Don't throw us out!!! We want to become quilts!"

My first two quilts were fun until the customer started hounding me daily inquiring as to the progress. After that, I swore, NEVER AGAIN. Twenty-one years later..... I am doing this for myself, without even thinking of pre-selling, or even selling. This one is for ME. A simple pattern. I am thoroughly enjoying the process. And this go around, I bought the cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter. The first 5 of 35 blocks are complete. I won't sew the rows together until I have all 35 and can arrange them how I like.
I will get some pictures today of one of the blocks.

My sewing machine is now working over-time and loving it! Dolls, doll clothes and now quilt blocks. My last Brother lasted 18 years and was still going strong, until the fire. I decided to buy the same (or near same) model again 3 years ago. No bells and whistles, nothing fancy.... a "Getter Done" machine, The Brother IS2125I.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Completed several outfits to fit American Girl, Madame Alexander Mia Bella dolls, and similar slim bodied 18” dolls.
Items include: yellow shorts (sunny print top to match nearing completion), purple batik print cotton peasant blouse, blue jeans, and a pink short jacket.
Our model is a Madame Alexander Mia Bell doll, who’s name is Sonja.
The outfits will be added to my Etsy Shoppe today and tomorrow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hand Crocheted Bed Doll Dress and Skirt

Finished crocheting this bed doll last week. White crinoline and attached slip was made using baby soft yarn; overskirt, hat and sleeve and neck trim using ww acrylic yarn in turquoise and maroon. I’d thoroughly enjoy dressing lots of dolls in seasonal clothing for display. The boys would have a fit though. Will be offering her at Holly's Dollies. I need to add a Bed Doll Button and page for her.

Today I am knitting myself a pair of lavender mittens while riding the stationary bike. A simple pattern, no fuss no muss. Am hoping to have enough for a hat. Or do the hat in lavender and white and a white with lavender snowflake design scarf.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Handmade polymer eyes!

These were a lot of fun to make. The instructions mentioned it being difficult to set them in perfectly. Understatement! 
Well, this is a prim crow so her eyes can be wonky! This is still a major improvement over the black embroidered eyes. I decided to glue the upper lid to the head and the lower lid to the eyeball. The next pair (oh, yes there will be more!!!), I might concave the iris/pupil area before baking. 
I used the clear gloss varnish (Ceramcoat) and creating the cornea did not work. With a "divot to fill", it might work better. 
Now on to the clothing.... decided on a maroon dress and maroon and white gingham pinafore and bloomers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Handmade eyes for cloth dolls

I am finally working on the draft blocker doll. I decided instead of a chicken she'll be a crow. Very cute. And instead of a draft blocker, she is going to be a doll/deco piece.

Very unhappy with her embroidered eyes... Black thread on a black fabric... BORING! I found this wonderful blog with instructions on making polymer clay eyes for cloth dolls and setting them in with fabric eyelids. I am really excited to give this a go. I think she'll have green eyes!

Then I need to get her dress, pinafore and bloomers done. Today?? Probably not.

Friday, August 06, 2010

15" Raggedy Ann and Andy photographed

I don't see how professional crafters/doll artists manage! How do you juggle production, website management, PR and housework???! Kudos to those who do all of this themselves. I am having a hard time trying to manage!

Anyway, it is a wonderful challenge to get much as I can done... in  a day (week?). The frustration is having dishes piled 3 feet high in the sink, dust bunnies running rampant, and a bored kid.

I finished a 15" Raggedy Ann and Andy pair and finally got pictures taken. The quality of my pictures is improving! Getting better and better! Charlie is still trying to get pictures of lightning...keep trying bud! 

This pair was made with small children in mind. Hand painted features in non-toxic acrylic paint, sewn on wig, no buttons.

The 36" dolls are incredible! Always wanted a huge dolly growing up. I still need to add hair to one; stuff, paint and add hair to the other one. Their clothing is already made and ready for button accents.
See them here:

With the sound of thunder, I shall sign off here....egads the horse and chickens will soon be sprouting gills... but the garden is looking fabulous!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Goings On

I haven't been very inspired lately. All this rain and the humidity. I haven't felt like knitting or crocheting. So I decided to spend some time sewing!

I got quite a bit accomplished with the traditional Raggedy Ann and Andys. 3 dresses (3 sizes), 3 outfits for Andy (3 sizes). 2 15" dolls done (one waiting for wig), 2 36" dolls sewn (1 stuffed and face painted), 2 15" dolls sewn. Still need to cut out and sew bloomers and aprons.

Then I sewed (is that really a word??) a 12" prim kitty and got her painted and stained. And then this morning I sewed a Jumper and long sleeve top for a 14-16" baby type doll.

This evening I plan to crochet an outfit for 14" baby type dolls. Who knows... never a dull moment around here.

Visit to see handmade knitted, crocheted and sewn doll clothes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hat Creek Market Online Craft Mall is now officially open - FREE advertising

The Hat Creek Market Online Craft Mall!
Last minute tweaks and I think we are finally up and running.

There are still a few behind the scene tweaks to finish up and I still can't seem to get the banner rotation to work.

I will be taking FREE ads through the weekend. Simply send in a limit of 2 ads including your website URL, banner/image URL and which ads you want to

I don't have a shop directory page set up yet, but you can submit your shop and I will add it ASAP! More pages and goodies will be added regularly.

Please promote the free advertising to other crafters who may be interested in helping getting this launched. Just direct them to the site and have them e-mail me with the weekend free ad offer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Online Craft Mall nearing Launch!!!

I am so excited to be quickly approaching the completion of the set up of the site! The main pages are complete and we are set up and ready to accept ads. Sometime this weekend I will post a discount.
      I just need to get this blog going, work on the directory listing then set up the shopping mall page. I will gladly accept any FREE submissions for the shopping mall through the weekend until Monday July 26th.

     Just send one image of an item, a brief description, price and a link to your site.

     Launch of the site will be later tonight, once I get all the pages loaded and looking decent. Will post upon launch! Gotta rest my eyes and neck for a few then back to work. 
     Please join me on this journey. I look forward to the challenge and anticipate a lot of fun with this site! I decided to go with a cute little web set for this one. I can change things around later down the road.

Thank you!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scrappy Armrest pincushion - Free pattern

Three sewing machine bobbins with various colo...Image via Wikipedia
While taking a break from sewing (winding bobbins is so boring!!!), I was surfing for free patterns and different goodies and came across this adorable armrest pincushion.
Another item for my "to do" list!
Making progress on the first set of 15" Raggedy Ann and Andy. I have enough flesh fabric left over that I can make a body for the 36" version....sweet talk hubby into letting me get some dress fabric!!! I'd love to make the 36" version. She'd look so cute sitting on the studio sleeper sofa (good inspiration to keep the clutter off it!).

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Online Craft Mall is a Go!

Singer sewing machine - 31K32 (detail 1)
Image via Wikipedia
It's official!

     I have decided to create an online craft mall! The startup of any business or venture is usually a lot of hard work with little result. I love a challenge, so this is perfect! I have registered my chosen domain name and have the hosting all setup. 
     While shopping for templates and graphics, I saw some really nice sets, but they were a bit pricey for me right now. Then I realized I could, with some effort, create my own web set. Is it worth saving $30-50? I could use that dough for advertising the site and gaining traffic. Creating my own set will take quite a chunk of my time, but we can call it sweat equity!
    The plan is to gather the images I want to use for the site and make a rough penand paper sketch of the layout design. I was going to tell the site name, butI think it should wait for the debut! Then I need to decide on ad/listing rates. Being as this is new with little to no traffic, the rates are going to be exremely low. Still researching the beginning rates.
     Going to work on a traditional Raggedy pair today. The sewing machine is getting dusty!
Be well, go out and make it a good day for yourself.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Holly’s Dollies Website Updated

     Hard to believe it’s Monday already! The time just flies by here and I don’t seem to be able to get as much accomplished as I want to! The “to do” and “ideas” form keeps getting longer rather than shorter as the projects get marked off or added.

     I finally took some nicer pictures of 3 finished dollies and one blank body and uploaded them to the site. These are all prim raggedies.

     Going to work on a traditional Raggedy Ann and Andy set today. Would also like to make some African American raggedy dolls this week.

     I am toying with the idea of starting up a country crafts and collectibles advertising shoppe. I might approach shoppe owner to see if maybe they will be willing to help me get started and up and running. Being as I love working on web sites and pages, I think this would be another wonderful challenge.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Studio Clean Up Day!

I love having a room mostly all to myself (have to share the computer area with the family). I can let it get sooooo incredibly cluttered.

But there comes a moment when I walk in to start working on a custom painted model horse or a sewing project and say "Enough of the mess!" I think we're at that point right now! I am starting to sneeze from all the dust, supplies are scattered everywhere. An unproductive studio at best.

Are you a crafter that lets her/his studio become a disaster area? Or do you keep things tidy at all times?

Today is clean up day here. Quite a few UFO's in the to finish box. That is my reward for cleaning up - grabbing a UFO and getting it done!

Cheers to the messy studios and Kudo's to the well organized studios... someday.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Website updates

Boring, boring, boring!
On the model horse site, I've been needing to add individual pages for each horse. Procrastinating too much.
Today I got the gallery page, home page and all but one Appaloosa page done. Tomorrow, if we don't go fishing, I will get the bay and one other color done.

On the dolls site, I haven't updated anything. I WILL get Chloe's pictures taken and put her on the soft-sculptured page (need to make and add a button to the main page). I received two new patterns today in the same style of doll as Chloe, named My RaGgEdY AnNiE and Tommer. "Riley" is being stuffed, maybe get her finished tonight??
Found some adorable fabric with frogs on it, and so want to make a little boys outfit - one of these dolls is just going to have to be a boy! If Tommer's clothes will fit Riley, she'll be a boy!

I finished up the dappled grey arabian mare. She turned out so pretty. I am going to *someday* re-do my Andalusian Stallion now that my dappling is much more better!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Free Pedometer!

Pedometers are wonderful little gadgets! My goal is 10,000 steps a day. I average 8,000 so am getting close!

Here is a link to receive a free Pedometer from Nature's Bounty.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Doctor Appts all day and window replacement

Hubby has lots of doctor appts today. Bone thereapy; then CT Scan, MRI to see what is going on in his back, again.

We are having the living room window replaced this morning while we are gone. The wind storm that took the greenhouse propelled something into the window. Thankfully it only went through the first pane of the dual panes....replacement to the tune of $178 and some change.

Going to take a doily I am working on with and Charlie is going to take some school work and drawing materials.

The house is a mess, dirty dishes are stacked in the sink, the floor needs vaccuuming....oh well, they wanted a free day yesterday and I am beat. I am going to try to not worry about it.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Free US Shipping at my Etsy Shoppe!

I was in a discussion this morning about Mother's Day promotions, offers, discounts, sales, etc. and the general consensus was free shipping or 25% off.

Me being the lazy bug I am, decided to go with the free US shipping. Wasn't quite sure how to do the 25% thing. Then there was the talk about not wanting to use the word "free" in the shoppes and how Google finds these things. Didn't quite understand all that (haven't had my first cup of coffee yet this morning!), but thought I should just play follow the leader on this.

Would love to hear others' sales ideas! What are you doing special in your shoppes/websites/blogs? Plans for Mother's Day? They better not take me fishing!


Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Greenhouse

First assembly was a failure. The greenhouse lasted a whole 21 hours. Strong (70mph) winds demolished the aluminum framework.

We recycled all the panels and the roof structure, re-building the frame with 2x4's. Just experienced another bout of strong winds and it held it's ground!

The seedlings are all doing well. I put a small space heater in just to keep things above freezing. The tomatoes wilt over night but perk up by 9am. Snow peas are growing by leaps and bounds, broccoli and cauliflower are doing ok, not great. Peppers haven't sprouted yet. I will plant some more and keep them in the house until they sprout.

Rooster Counted Cross Stitch Project

I bought this about 2 years ago. Never could get the hang of this, but... well.... I loved this rooster. I struggled and struggled for nearly a year. Then I discovered a great cross stitch forum where I learned a lot of hints and tips and was instructed on adding a thread grid to the fabric. Doh! It works wonderfully! I still have little free "quiet" time to work, but I am working on it daily for at least 10 minutes.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Doily Finished

Recently finished this doily.

From the "Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies" book of patterns designed by Patricia Kristoffersen.

Pattern #1 - "Park Avenue"

Easy pattern to follow. I am daunted by some of the more difficult patterns, but have just started working on #16 - "Majestic", on round 8 of 33.

Other news, the greenhouse is withstanding 70mph winds again. We got a dusting of snow last night, don't think the heater kept the greenhouse warm enough though, the tomato plants look droopy.

Swimming is going great. We go 3 days a week. Indoor pool and hot tub!

Will post progress pix of the Rooster counted cross stitch project (2 years and counting!!).

Thursday, February 25, 2010


After looking at these adorable dolls for weeks and weeks, I finally broke down and bought a pattern. I am so thrilled with these babies!

The instructions are easy to follow.

Just completed baby #3....dressing her today and will be sending her out (can't discuss details, it's a surprise!).
Here is baby #2, "Bella".
I happily accept custom orders. Custom eye color, clothing, etc.

Busy painting the horses. Doing a bay leopard Appaloosa for a customer, then will practice a bit
on a couple of others. I need to dig through the
shed to find the two Classic Sagr molds I would
like to work on.

Friday, January 01, 2010

American Girl Knitted Poncho

Finally getting pix taken of some finished items. I am so awful at not finishing things completely. Weaving in ends.... I don't wanna. I've spent the last several days weaving in ends and sewing on buttons.

This is a knitted poncho for 18" dolls like American Girl dolls. My model is a Madame Alexander, Mia Bella doll. I like her smile. This one is named Sonya. The poncho is headed for either eBay (seller hollyg) or Etsy (sweetwatercreations), haven't decided which yet.

I also hope to get a few more finished items pix up here this weekend.