Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Website updates

Boring, boring, boring!
On the model horse site, I've been needing to add individual pages for each horse. Procrastinating too much.
Today I got the gallery page, home page and all but one Appaloosa page done. Tomorrow, if we don't go fishing, I will get the bay and one other color done.

On the dolls site, I haven't updated anything. I WILL get Chloe's pictures taken and put her on the soft-sculptured page (need to make and add a button to the main page). I received two new patterns today in the same style of doll as Chloe, named My RaGgEdY AnNiE and Tommer. "Riley" is being stuffed, maybe get her finished tonight??
Found some adorable fabric with frogs on it, and so want to make a little boys outfit - one of these dolls is just going to have to be a boy! If Tommer's clothes will fit Riley, she'll be a boy!

I finished up the dappled grey arabian mare. She turned out so pretty. I am going to *someday* re-do my Andalusian Stallion now that my dappling is much more better!

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