Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making some changes in shoppe...

And I need your help!!!
I need to make some serious changes on my Etsy Shoppe. The name is Sweetwater Creations, which will work well with the handcrafted items. The banner needs to be updated. This was for my horses and the horses just weren't selling on Etsy..

So, any ideas? I can take a couple of my doll photos and make a collage type banner. Anyway, that is one of the projects for the day. Then I want to work a little bit on two other blogs and promotion, then get busy crafting!

OK, I went ahead and made a new banner for the Shoppe. It is so hard to focus on one particular type of item, I love to do it all! My love right now is all things dollies. Handmade dolls, doll clothes, collectible dolls. There we go. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!! Here's the shoppe: 
Let me know what you all think about the new banner. I think it fits in with the items listed so much better than a horse, but it doesn't blend well with my doll site. No biggie, they don't have to LOOK related.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday Online Shop Interview with Esther's Mercantile

Good morning!
I am participating in a great blog devoted to promoting online business. “Shop Hop Saturday” is a wonderful venue for promoting your own blog and helping others with their promtotions.  I’ve chosen to write an interview with Danice Gentle, owner of Esther’s Mercantile. Danice’s final statement at the end of the interview expressed this perfectly. 

1. Danice, when did you start your business and did you have any planning for this endeavor or jump in? 
I started my business in January of 2011. It was planned ahead of time”. 

2. Would you please tell us about your main product/service ? 
Main products/service: sell handmade Americana and prim needfuls. This includes raggedy dolls, doll clothing,  wood birdhouses, curtain valances, among other items”.

3. How do you schedule your time for the various aspects of running your business? For promotion, for production?   
I schedule my time all during the day. I am listed in several Topsites lists, and have paid for some advertising incl. at Hat Creek. I sew and craft mostly at night”.

4. What would you say is THE ONE THING that makes your business unique from many others?
ONE THING that makes Esther's unique is that I try to use all-natural fabrics/supplies whenever possible. I also try to design with the styling of the Americana/frontier eras in mind”.

5. What kind of advice would you give to others who are starting out with a business similar to yours or working basically online? 
“My Advice to others: plan your business and website design. Don't skimp on the planning. Try to use keywords that accurately describe your site to the search engines, and try to get to know as many other crafters as possible. This will help you gain new precious friends, as well as possibly help your website sales. Treat other crafters as you would like to be treated. The friendships are worth far more than the money”.

Thank you so much, Danice, for participating in this interview! Your advice would be well used in all aspects of online and offline business.

Please visit

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Webpages Updated at Holly's Dollies

I've spent the morning updating 4 pages on Holly's Dollies Web Site. All about doll clothes. I've gotten a few new outfits finished and photographed.

Doll Clothes Added separate categories for the different types of dolls. 

American Girl Added 2 new dresses. 

Barbie and Friends Added a crocheted business dress and jacket for Barbie and 2 outfits for Skipper 

Baby Dolls Only 1 set finished. A jumper and shirt for 14-16" baby.

As always, custom color orders are welcome.