Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making some changes in shoppe...

And I need your help!!!
I need to make some serious changes on my Etsy Shoppe. The name is Sweetwater Creations, which will work well with the handcrafted items. The banner needs to be updated. This was for my horses and the horses just weren't selling on Etsy..

So, any ideas? I can take a couple of my doll photos and make a collage type banner. Anyway, that is one of the projects for the day. Then I want to work a little bit on two other blogs and promotion, then get busy crafting!

OK, I went ahead and made a new banner for the Shoppe. It is so hard to focus on one particular type of item, I love to do it all! My love right now is all things dollies. Handmade dolls, doll clothes, collectible dolls. There we go. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!! Here's the shoppe: 
Let me know what you all think about the new banner. I think it fits in with the items listed so much better than a horse, but it doesn't blend well with my doll site. No biggie, they don't have to LOOK related.



  1. Hi Holly. I really like your new Etsy banner. I think it fits your shoppe theme very well :)

  2. I think your banner is perfect. Nice Job! Added you to my Etsy circle. Stop by and say Hi on Twitter :)
    Ciao, JunkYard Gypsy