Friday, August 06, 2010

15" Raggedy Ann and Andy photographed

I don't see how professional crafters/doll artists manage! How do you juggle production, website management, PR and housework???! Kudos to those who do all of this themselves. I am having a hard time trying to manage!

Anyway, it is a wonderful challenge to get much as I can done... in  a day (week?). The frustration is having dishes piled 3 feet high in the sink, dust bunnies running rampant, and a bored kid.

I finished a 15" Raggedy Ann and Andy pair and finally got pictures taken. The quality of my pictures is improving! Getting better and better! Charlie is still trying to get pictures of lightning...keep trying bud! 

This pair was made with small children in mind. Hand painted features in non-toxic acrylic paint, sewn on wig, no buttons.

The 36" dolls are incredible! Always wanted a huge dolly growing up. I still need to add hair to one; stuff, paint and add hair to the other one. Their clothing is already made and ready for button accents.
See them here:

With the sound of thunder, I shall sign off here....egads the horse and chickens will soon be sprouting gills... but the garden is looking fabulous!

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  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Oh those are SOOOOO precious!