Monday, July 12, 2010

Holly’s Dollies Website Updated

     Hard to believe it’s Monday already! The time just flies by here and I don’t seem to be able to get as much accomplished as I want to! The “to do” and “ideas” form keeps getting longer rather than shorter as the projects get marked off or added.

     I finally took some nicer pictures of 3 finished dollies and one blank body and uploaded them to the site. These are all prim raggedies.

     Going to work on a traditional Raggedy Ann and Andy set today. Would also like to make some African American raggedy dolls this week.

     I am toying with the idea of starting up a country crafts and collectibles advertising shoppe. I might approach shoppe owner to see if maybe they will be willing to help me get started and up and running. Being as I love working on web sites and pages, I think this would be another wonderful challenge.
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