Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Online Craft Mall is a Go!

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It's official!

     I have decided to create an online craft mall! The startup of any business or venture is usually a lot of hard work with little result. I love a challenge, so this is perfect! I have registered my chosen domain name and have the hosting all setup. 
     While shopping for templates and graphics, I saw some really nice sets, but they were a bit pricey for me right now. Then I realized I could, with some effort, create my own web set. Is it worth saving $30-50? I could use that dough for advertising the site and gaining traffic. Creating my own set will take quite a chunk of my time, but we can call it sweat equity!
    The plan is to gather the images I want to use for the site and make a rough penand paper sketch of the layout design. I was going to tell the site name, butI think it should wait for the debut! Then I need to decide on ad/listing rates. Being as this is new with little to no traffic, the rates are going to be exremely low. Still researching the beginning rates.
     Going to work on a traditional Raggedy pair today. The sewing machine is getting dusty!
Be well, go out and make it a good day for yourself.
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