Monday, May 12, 2014

I Had To Give Up On The Bridal Gown

I am one who does not like to give up on a project. Once I start something, I will rarely throw in the towel. This Barbie Bridal gown has given me so much grief! And all the medical issues (stress) got the best of me.

 I began stringing the 1,200+ beads onto the crochet thread. I can't see them clearly enough and my fingers aren't as nimble with these things anymore. Reading glassed helped a little, but there was no hope for the fingers becoming more agile!

So, I finally contacted the customer and told her I simply couldn't continue on this project. No money was exchanged, so I don't need to refund anything.

The gown, the beads and supplies will be packed safely away, where I can possibly try to get back after it and someday surprise my friend (yes she is a repeat customer who has become like a friend) with the gown of her dreams.

I beat myself up over not being able to continue. She understands, but I can tell she was very disappointed.

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