Friday, April 01, 2011

A is For Acrylic Paint

One of the materials I use when crafting (painting a model horse or painting eyes on cloth dolls), is acrylic paints. The brand I use varies.
For the model horses I use Liquitex Brand in concentrated form. The closest retailer for me is 180 miles away! I buy the big tubes in basic colors to last a year or so.

See more model horses at Sweetwater Creations.

For painting dolls, I use the inexpensive big box store brands. I always make sure the brands I use are non-toxic waterbased.

Visit Holly's Dollies to view handmade dolls and doll clothes that are available.


  1. The horse is so expressive! Great start!

  2. I like acrylics far better than oils!

  3. Great "A" post, Holly! And, not that I need something else added to my ToDo List, but you've convinced me to jump into this A to Z Challenge, too, so I'll be posting my catch-up posts over the weekend. Thanks, I think, LOL

  4. Oh, hooRay, Ruthi! Glad to see a familiar face! Looking forward to your posts!