Saturday, April 02, 2011

"B" as in bobcat

So this doesn't really tie in very well with crafts in general, but we had be very "crafty" in keeping this dratted bobcat away from the chickens!
This particular bobcat lives in a brushpile of dead juniper cutting on the easement between us and our neighbors. I am actually pleased to have wildlife in the neighborhood. We've decided to leave the critter be and work hard to keep the chickens safe.
One night he/she managed to kill 7 (I forgot to lock the henhouse door).
Bobcats can be found in most of the US, excluding parts of the midwest and have also been found in parts of Mexico and Canada.

photo courtesy Len Blumin


  1. We get a few Bobcats in our neighborhood. I live in Florida and we are surrounded by woods and a park.

    Now following you, too.

  2. Such an elegant animal :) Good post!