Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hand crocheted Barbie Bed Doll French Bedoir

Completed another Barbie bed doll gown. This one is a french Bedoir nightgown and robe. The repetitive stitch on the robe just about did my left wrist in. I've developed a lump just below my thumb. Wearing a wrist brace is helping immensely.
April, a wonderful lady who is keeping me very busy with crocheting Barbie gowns, received the gown and is pleased with the results. Next on the list is "Ruby Queen". Having a hard time finding the beads needed.


  1. oh, thank you, sweetie! I am staying so busy with the gowns, I hardly have time for promoting, and socializing!
    I will try later today to get back into the swing.

  2. Holy toledo! You are so talented. Returning a follow. Thanks so much for following me.

    Nicole Weaver-Award winning Author

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Absolutely lovely work! I am considering doing a Bed Doll, two if the first goes well (I found 2 lovely dolls so far). I tried size 10 thread on a size 7 hook, but couldn't catch the stitches. Next move is to find a 6 hook and a 5 hook and see if I can get the guage with one of them. Thank you for demonstrating how this is done well!