Saturday, March 05, 2011

I can see....almost!

This has been a rough week for me!
Tues night, while frying eggs, the oil splattered (I swear this has never ever happened and I still don't believe it did!) and some got in my eyes. Rushed to ER, treated with a solution, sent home.
Trying to do anything is agravating. I could barely see. It is slowly improving, but vision is still blurry.
Believe it or not, my eyes don't BURN nearly as much as I was afraid they would.
So Sweet Sandi arrived yesterday. She is darling! I cowboyed up enough to finish a dress for her and got one photo.

I'm taking the weekend OFF - no sewing, no knitting, limited computer (uh huh!).

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  1. Holly, that sounds painful, OUCH! I've had that happen, but fortunately I wear glasses and it damaged my glasses rather than my eyes.