Sunday, June 29, 2008

Puppies, puppies everywhere....

Been pretty busy raising these puppies over the past few months. I've hit a new record of having 3 litters on the ground (14 pups total) ranging in age from 8 weeks to 3 days. The first litter of 3 darlings are being adopted out now, the next litter of 6 is 6 weeks old and due for their first shots. This last litter of 5 is only 3 days old and I need to cut some dew claws.

Then I need to get busy grooming the adults. I had at one time had a goal of letting their hair grow long enough that I could spin what is combed out. Too much work with 5 adults to contend with!

Finished the "Happy Baby" cardigan and pants set. It is soooo cute! We use "Baby George" as Charlie named him as our model for baby things. Pictured above...

Still working on my second knitted sock monkey. Decided he'll have a blue and red striped shirt. Currently working on the bum and mouth areas, then arms, ears and tail! I am going to make buttons from non-toxic epoxy putty for the eyes. I use this stuff on the model horses with wonderful results, so why not??

Getting back into learning how to do the miniature crochet animals. All I have is white thread here, so I plan on airbrushing my first one, then trying dying another one with the food coloring method (works wonderfully on the silk cocoons!).

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