Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dress for Baby Face

I am so pleased with how this turned out!
This set has a white with sunshine print petticoat, yellow overskirt and cape that is yellow lined with the sunshine print.

This set would fit most 12-14" toddler type doll, like Betsy McCall, Galoob Baby Face (modeled by Miss Susie).
Also finished, but not photographed is a "Recycled Challenge" outfit of denim bellbottom pants and bandana bra top for Baby Face, two Barbie gowns and progress on the Barbie Bed Doll gown in lavender. I am so hoping to not run out of the lavender. The shop that has it on order gets every color in but the one I ordered. Going to try one other shop, then if that fails, I will have to wait till we go to Phoenix on the 30th for a Dr. appt. and I can stop in at Michael's.


  1. Very cute and love the yellow!

  2. How pretty! Love that sunshine!

  3. Toddlers Christmas Dresses:- Cute and cool. It's really make me crazy. Love you post and dress. Thank you