Monday, July 25, 2011

Double the Price Double the Fun!

I cringe at the thought of having two shops open (plus one other which is free so it won't count in the stress factor). One fear is can I produce enough to supply both shops? I think I can I think I can.

Another fear is the fees. Can I afford the fees? Not so sure on that one, but I have to try.
I've made some really good friends on each.
Dear Lord knows I have enough supplies to make a fantastic start on getting items listed (note - need to get snaps and velcro and sewing machine needles, and lace to finish those need to be finished things!).
And the third problem I need to make a decision on. To have each shop focus on something in particular. I am leaning heavily toward yes since a terrible fiasco over the weekend convinced me that certain items will simply have to go in the other shop. 
Now off to work on some long over-due seasonal dresses for my bunny doll. I need to make another doll before I make the clothes. First up will be Halloween, the Thanksgiving/Autumn, then Christmas/Winter - I'd love to knit her up a wee hat and scarf!

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  1. No matter what you decide I am sure it will be the right decision!

  2. Thank you, Claudia!
    Thanks to the support of my boys, I think this will work out well.
    Started a new craft today. Making a rag rug out of a worn sheet. This will be tomorrow's post!