Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 off to a hectic, stressful start

What a whirlwind the first three months of 2013 has been for us.

On January 28th, we were headed down to Phoenix for a doctor's appointment. Got 9 miles out of town and hit a slick, icy spot in the highway and slid off the road. The car rolled 2.25 times. No broken bones, not a lot of blood. We were all three alright. Minor aches and pains. Two ambulance rides.

Naturally we had the wrong insurance coverage, so were stuck with having to get a small personal loan to buy another car. Craigs list sucks big time. 4 times we make arrangements to go down to Phoenix to look at cars through private sellers. All 4 times, either wrong directions and they won't answer to give correct directions, or no answer period.

Finally found a car, but finding different things wrong or needing repairs. Not a real big deal, we'll just do one repair at a time.

In the mean time, neither insurance (medical or auto) are wanting to pay the bills. They point at each other, and we're getting threatening letters from hospital, ambulance, radiologist, who knows who else.

It's been difficult to concentrate on getting any crafting done. Then I started too soon after the accident, and my hand wasn't healing well. Doctor put me on a mandatory 1 week vacation from any sewing, knitting and crocheting (and horse hoof trimming, too). That vacation about drove me insane.

Once vacation was over, I promptly crocheted a little sunsuit for the 5 inch Berenguer Doll. And then needed to create a bassinet for her. Hubby is disgusted that this baby needs to model both boy and girl clothing, so has granted me permission to shop for another!

Feeling better and ready to get back to crafting! I think sewing will help with relaxing and not stressing over this stuff. Today I am working on getting the studio straightened up. It is a fun chore for me. It's exciting when I can begin making my room a mess again!

We bought two geckos last weekend. They are a lot of fun. Had a wild caught one while living in the Phoenix area. This time we decided on leopard geckos from a pet shop. The male is named Boss Hog and the female is Lulu.


  1. Thank God you are all alright!!!

    Love the crocheted sun suit!


  2. Hello Holly,

    Hope you get things sorted out. Glad you are able to get back into crafting.
    Take care.

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