Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Library Finds and yarn sticker shock!

Well, I was quite pleased with the knitting books I found at the library today. I thought to work on something other than my fave baby sweaters and socks. I would love to knit a tank top or tee shirt. The prices of the suggested yarns are simply out of my budget at this time. A simple tank would run over $60 in yarn.
With cooler weather soon approaching, I had thoughts on mittens and hats, but not done up using the acrylic yarns I taught myself with last year.
So, are there affordable alternatives? The more expensive yarns are gorgeous to be sure, but I can't swing those prices right now... still have to work on getting the new home finished and furnished.
How depressing. I really wanted to do this tee from The Ultimate Knitted Tee, by Laura Militzer Bryant and Barry Klein (page 47). I guess I could try an acrylic version as a trial run until I can afford the better stuff.

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