Sunday, September 02, 2007

Still waiting, stash growing and too many WIP!

Good morning!

Well, we are still waiting to get the mobile home set up. This has been such a fiasco. We can't call for final inspection and be allowed to move in until this is finished. I have an awesome bunch of ladies coming next weekend to completely furnish and decorate the whole house. We have family arriving on the 10th and nowhere to put them up (at this time). Ok, so I have just vented, I feel better.... onward and upward.... we'll deal with the stress one hour at a time.

The stash is starting to grow again! Yay! Yes, I know.... this gal is nuts...excited her stash is growing?! Yup! Hubby's not too thrilled, but he sees the joy in my eyes as I hold my newest skien of yarn, shrugs, rolls his eyes, smiles and goes back whatever he's doing. I finally found the newest LYS. Very nice yarns!! Not terribly pricey, considering the kinds of yarns offered. I am only just beginning to get "into" the better yarns. I bought some sock yarn in blue and red. Charlie wants me to knit him another pair of socks that are blue with red toes and heels. He gets pretty sad about his "lost" pair.

A dear friend gave me a 100gr ball of GGH Marathon in variegated blue which I am now making pair of socks for another dear friend. I am worried that I won't have enough to complete the pair, so I will be positive... if there isn't enough, I had some wonderful practice, will frog em and try to find some other compatible yarn for toes, heels and cuff band and start over! I am using size 1 dpn's getting 8 st and 11 rows per inch.

Another WIP is a very challenging sock pattern. I joined six-sox-knitalong group and thought I would just dive in (as I do with everything in life!!!) and start on the Aug/Sept project. Ouch, I am in way over my head. The group is so supportive though, encouraging me ... one round at a time. I am certain they won't be done by the end of Sept.

Other WIP - Precious Layette booklet "Precious Blanket"; Rindy's Raglan Baby sweater pattern; and the ever in progress "Easy No Sew Raglan Sweater" for me - I started this one last fall and worked on it while riding my stationary bike. 10 miles seemed to just fly by! Can't wait to start that up again!!

We're headed out meandering the wilderness and forests again today. We see lots of wildlife usually, antelope, elk, some deer. I should post some of my pics, but this is supposed to be my crafting blog. Hmm... another blog in the making? Possibly!! Stay tuned!

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