Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A funny thing happened....

at the dentist's office.

I assumed that I would be waiting for a short period of time, so I thought I would take a project with me to work on. Knowing the assistant has dogs, I decided not to take the little dog sweater I was working on - not really ready for custom orders. Hmm.. what to take.... I know! The baby blanket! Bad idea. The assistant has ordered 3 complete sets of the same dratted pattern.

I have finished the first set in Red Heart Baby Econo Baby Green and White, delivered it and she loved it. We chose the lavender set as the second to work on. And she mentioned that she knows of 6 more babies on the way. I said, "Ouch! Let's get these first 3 sets out of the way!!" The pattern is getting a little monotonous, but I just love knitting and crocheting baby things, so I am a happy camper. Not looking forward to doing 9 sets of the same pattern....help! LOL!

The lavender set is coming along. Not as quickly as I was hoping. There is so much going on here. Getting settled in our new home, two new litters of puppies (within two weeks of each other....fun fun!) http://www.mountainhighkennel.com/, painting, etc.
Still slow progress on the surprise socks for a friend. I have figured a way to knit while riding my stationery bike! Simple things though like the trusty ole dishcloth! Those buggers sell like hotcakes anyways.
Should I go to the lake and work on the dog sweater??! I think not.


  1. Knitting must come in handy to make your own little goodies. I wish I knew how or had the patience to learn. :)

  2. Wow, exercising and knitting, at the same time, LOL!