Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A day of sledding!

We all took today off and just did something fun (after the hospital visit - I needed an MRI). We had to be there early, I am not allowed to drive, so we had to take Charlie with. Then there was another dr's appt. in the early afternoon.
Once that was all taken care of, we decided to go sledding. The first time for Charlie and he loved it.
During the ride, I brought along a knitting project. I found a really cute pattern for a sockless sock monkey and made one for myself in brown and turquoise. This one is going to be light brown and reddish brown with a blue t-shirt and hat. The pattern is actually quite easy and so adorable...once I get the eyes and nose embroidered on mine, I will get some pix up.
OTN - funky leftover socks for afore mentioned Dental Assistant, slipper socks for the three of us, second sock monkey.

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