Sunday, July 03, 2011

Baby Face So Surprised Suzie - those wascawy wabbits!

Suzie and I went out to the garden yesterday afternoon to check on how things were looking. Mom can't seem to keep it watered well enough, but .....

Little Miss Suzie insisted that she wear the "New Old Clothes" I made for her, since it was so hot outside and she feels like such a big girl when she gets to wear her bra tops.

Lo and behold! What did we find? A wabbit was eating the corn stalks! I simply couldn't resist getting a shot of dear little Suzie's surprised look!

The outfit was created as a part of a recycled outfit challenge in a doll group I belong to. I used an old pair of my jeans, an old bandana and some scraps of lace hanging around waiting for a small project. I have enough of everything to make several more bell bottoms and bra tops. maybe a halter top and a pair of shorts?

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