Saturday, July 02, 2011

Crocheted Barbie Bed Doll - lavender

I finished adding the embellishments to the Barbie Bed Doll and got some photos. 
"Miss October" in lavender and purple from the Victorian Ladies Centennial Collection.
I still need to work on styling her hair. I will update the photos once I do get a successful style accomplished.
The bodice, skirt, train, bustle and bustle pad are crocheted in lavender; the crocheted ribbon and lace trim ribbon are done in purple; the lace trims and accent panels are crocheted in white.
The doll stands in a pillow form with a tube.
You can see more pictures and complete details at my ArtFire Studio - Crocheted Barbie Bed Doll.
The Barbie doll is included in the sale of the gown. She is brand new purchased just for this project. She is the newest version belly-button and flat footed.


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