Saturday, September 03, 2011

Selling Success Through ArtFire Studio

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshineToday is Shop Hop Saturday, where shop owners share links and help promote others in their online selling endeavors.

Etsy Success - How to Make a Full-Time Income Selling Jewelry, Crafts, and Other Handmade Products Online (Mogul Mom Work-at-Home Book Series)For those who have been following along with my DRAMA over whether to try ArtFire or stick with Etsy or both or neither, this may be of some enlightenment and encouragement to follow your heart and the rest will come.
Since opening my studio, I have been having great success with ArtFire. And some success as well with Etsy. I have decided, even though creating enough items for both shops is a full time job in itself, that I am going to keep both open for the time being.
First of all, it seems Google really loves ArtFire. With a bit of SEO work, my items are being found on the first page of Google search results. Also, ArtFire welcomes you sharing your Etsy link in your Studio. A great backlink for your Etsy Shop!
ArtFire charges a monthly fee with no final sales fee, and listings do not expire. Etsy charges a listing fee and a final sales fee. I am still weighing the benefits of which is the better deal for the seller. I love them both actually and have high hopes of continuing with both of them.
One tip would be to "Brand" yourself... Both shops with the same name. I made the mistake of having ArtFire as HollysDollies and Etsy as Sweetwater Creations. I am considering closing Etsy and opening a new one as HollysDollies, despite the fact that I create more than dolls and doll clothes.


  1. I agree with the "branding" tip. I am at CafePress and Zazzle, both with the same name, which ZI use all over the net, so I'm found all over the place.

    Guess what I got in the mail this week? My bunny doll is ever so happy to sit upon your doll quilt! Thank you! I love that you put "your" patch on the quilt!

  2. I have yet to check out artfire.
    I've been on etsy for awhile with some success on selling, including extra orders for items to be made.
    Not too long ago I found out about zibbet. It's free to list up to 50 items. Over that you do have to pay a monthly membership fee. I doubt I will ever pay that unless I just really start selling (and making things) like crazy. I am moving items over from my etsy store as they expire over paying another .20 to re-list them. I've not sold anything on zibbet yet but I hope it will come. In the meantime it is free.
    I do have the same name on both store--Marsha's Spot--which is also the name of my blog.
    So great to see you joining in with the Shop Hop!