Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drop Spindle Spinning - Success at Last!

Success at last! 
For about 2 years I have been trying to learn how to do hand spinning on a drop spindle. A lady gave me a bottom whorl version and it just would not talk to me. No matter how many videos I watched or how many people tried to help me learn, it would not click.

I watched a video or two or three of folks using a top whorl drop spindle and decided to order one. While waiting for that one to arrive, I converted my bottom whorl to a top whorl and gave it another go. Ta-Da! Success. Not professional quality to be sure, but it is a start!

This is a portion of 4oz colonial roving that I pre-drafted and the spindle with my new handspun yarn! The plan is to finish this roving up, set the twist, and either ply silk yarn or purchase some roving that will blend and add a nice contrast when plied. 

I received my new spindle and love it! I even started spinning silk hankies.

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  1. makes me want to get out my own drop spindle again; i was really into it a few years back, but had to make choices about whether I would be weaving or spinning. But I did enjoy the tactile feel and meditativeness of the experience. It is indeed calming. Nice to find your blog, new follower here.