Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ideal Crissy and Velvet have arrived!

I am so pleased! I've wanted to add some of the Ideal Crissy Family Dolls to my collection (under the ruse that I can't make clothes to sell if I am not sure they'll fit)!
I ended up purchasing two Crissies! I thought the payment fell through to the one seller after trying to send it 3 times, I gave up. And moved on to another. The first payment finally went through! Oh well!
And the seller of the second Crissy was so sweet. The gown that was supposed to come with her had been misplaced. Crissy was dressed in another gown and I had agreed to send a little extra ASAP and she would include a Velvet doll as well.
Well, of all surprises, I got the Velvet free. I felt bad and that wasn't a fair deal.

Here is Velvet dressed in a candy corn Halloween Dress. Got it finished with one day to spare! So will hang on to it and offer it next October. With hand knit slippers and white panties.

Crissy has a cute top and pants ready for modelling. Photo shoot in a day or two.

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