Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"D" is for Dollies

I began making cloth dolls in 1989. Bunnies, cows, baby dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy. In 2009 I began dabbling in creating the primitive dolls with a Raggedy Ann look.  Most dolls are made from muslin or cotton broadcloth with the baby dolls being made of craft velour. Little girls just love the hug-ability of this fabric. 

We have dolls of all sizes ranging from 10” to the huge and loveable 36” Raggedy Andy.
My current project is with my first design – a 12” tall prim bunny with hand painted features, long floppy ears and big big bunny feet. I am going to be featuring this doll as a boy or girl and offering seasonal/holiday clothing. We are working on a web page specifically for this doll at Holly’s Dollies.

Recently I have begun dabbling in sculpting dolls in polymer clay. A fun challenge but really not getting anywhere fast. The eventual goal is a 14” ball-jointed-doll who can model the 14” doll clothes line for me.

I have a very small collection of dolls. Two Galoob Baby Face Dolls, a 25” crow doll, 1 Berenguer, 2 unknown vinyl dolls, 1 CBK, 2 DinkyBaby dolls, 1 MoxieGirlz the blonde and 5 Barbies.  I am hoping to find some dolls this coming Yard Sale season. Only two thrift stores in this area so findings are rare. I am looking for Skipper, Crissy and any inexpensive dolls needing TLC of various sizes so that I can use them for making sure the doll clothes fit.

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